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What do you mean by Life Transitions Counseling

Life Transitions are changes that take place as we grow in maturity and chronically with age. In life, we will encounter changes that are both positive and negative and both can be stressful.

Transitions can be life events such as: marriage, births, adult children leaving home or adult children coming back home, career changes, new jobs, loss of job, retirement, relationships beginning and ending, caring for aging parents.

Change can be difficult for many individuals. It’s not always a warm and fuzzy feeling.  Changes can make you feel anxious, sad, overwhelmed and have an overall helpless feel to it. But you have choices and you can control how you think and manage life changes. Talking with a trained counselor can help you to better understand this stage of your life and provide you with strategies to work through the changes taking place.

You do not need to go through life transitions alone. Call RSL Counseling and Coaching, LLC  at (732) 589-1780, and learn how manage and thrive through life’s changes.

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