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Hello and Welcome to RSL Counseling and Coaching Blog

I have been wanting to write a blog or journal for some time. As you know things happen, and being ADHD it just became one more thing to put on the To-Do list and that list gets lost! The time has come to create the blog called “Thoughts and Happenings”.  My name is Rochelle Ladin, and I am the “chief” therapist at RSL Counseling and Coaching, LLC.  I like being called Shelley and in fact if people call me Rochelle I think I’m back at grade school!  Thoughts and Happenings will explore issues related to mental health, research, treatment, and articles that hopefully will provide you with help to manage issues you encounter.  Whatever can help and support individuals with issues such as anxiety, stress, job issues, marriage challenges, friendships, intellectual developmental challenges, ADD/ADHD, career development and job insights (from my many years as a Human Resources Professional), and of course just life and transition issues.  You know, when life happens and we don’t quite know what to do or it just reaches the point where you need more support than your friend/spouse/partner.   My hope is this blog will provide you with support, a laugh at times, informative research and tidbits of information to help you along your path to a healthy and successful life.  


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