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The Therapy Corner: Anxiety

Anxiety can hit at any time, and you may not understand what is happening to you.  You know something is wrong, and feel overwhelmed. Perhaps you cry easily, get irritable faster, or cannot stop thinking of the problem/situation.  Family and friends may not understand the problem and may feel helpless in how to help you during this time.  The Anxiety Disorders Association of America, reports that more than 40 million adults in the United States experience some anxiety. Does this describe you?  Do you suffer from anxiety? Knowing you are not alone is not enough to feel better. Professional help may be needed and is available.    

Anxiety can happen after a troubling event, life transition such as illness, divorce, children leaving home, or fear. Untreated anxiety can cause further complications and effect you physically. It is important to contact a mental health counselor to learn the triggers of your anxiety and identify coping strategies that help you manage the difficult times.  What can you do to reduce the feeling of anxiety? Take a deep breath and ask yourself these questions Are you thinking about a problem or anticipating a problem that has not happened yet? Are you overthinking the problem or situation? Many times, anxiety may occur when thinking about a problem because you see the situation as a loss of control.  It is important to remember that you cannot be in charge all the time and cannot control everything all the time. And it’s okay not to always be in control. Strategies for managing your anxiety symptoms include:  Take a walk, exercise, do something physical Talk to a friend Reduce stimulants such as coffee, tea, soda that contain caffeine  Cuddle with a pet Take a yoga or mediation class It is important to seek help with a qualified professional. Taking action to reduce your anxiety is the first step in achieving a healthy life. 

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