Changing Season and Changing Mood

The thing about this time of year for me, is the change in the color of the leaves. I just love the colors from green to orange to yellow to burnt orange. The air smells different. This change of season has me thinking about what changes will I be creating for myself. What changes are you looking to create?

During this time of year many people may experience seasonal depression, or just a kind of sadness. You know, something just feels a little off. Some contributing factors to seasonal depression may be that it gets darker earlier and winter is almost here. BUT WAIT !!! this time does not have to be depressing or anxiety producing. Here are some ideas to stay emotionally healthy and enjoy this beautiful and colorful time of year.

Many winter holidays are coming and there’s much to look forward too with a whole a lot of celebrations. Think cheerful and colorful, decorate your windows, your bench outside, your kitchen counter. Bring those colorful leaves inside. Remember when you were a kid and the teacher had you collect the most colorful leaves, so you could press them between 2 pieces of wax paper. Go do it again. Think bright and colorful!

Light a scented candle, maybe pumpkin or cinnamon spice. How about baking a cake and inviting a friend or two?

Meditation and yoga are other great ways to head off seasonal depression. Go to a yoga studio, they usually offer a free class to try out before you join.

If you find it a difficult time of year, there’s always help and ways to reach out. You are not alone!

Rochelle Ladin, LPC, of RSL Counseling and Coaching, LLC specializes in treating depression and anxiety; located in Matawan, NJ and can be reached at (732) 589-1780, or at [email protected]

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